How Phoenix Police Shooting Could Be Scandalous for Arizona’s ‘Hugely Underrepresented’ Police Force

A Phoenix police shooting involving a Phoenix Police Department officer is potentially scandalous for the Phoenix Police department, according to a new Phoenix New Times article.The newspaper has a piece detailing a story by Phoenix Police Chief Eddie Garcia that […]

How to Save Your Life When It’s Your Own Date: May 24, 2019 | Tags beth phxnnnnnnn,bETH PHXNNNNNNN

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AUSTIN-based Beth Phoenix International announced today that it is shutting down its flagship hotel and convention center in downtown Austin on May 24.The Austin-based hotel and conference center, which was built in 1997, will close for good effective […]

When a Phoenix Protest Will Shut Down Airbnb’s Phoenix Hotel, It Will Take Down All the Hotels

Phoenix, Arizona—For most of the last several weeks, Airbnb has been the hot topic in the Phoenix area.The company is facing a lawsuit over a policy of refusing to rent apartments to people from a certain state.Airbnb is accused of […]