How to buy an apartment in Phoenix, Arizona, and find a way to pay off your debts

Phoenix, Ariz.– You’ve seen it all.The old, worn-out apartment building that used to house a hospital.The parking lot where you can park in the dark, without getting too close to the sun.The broken windows.The cracked ceiling.The potholes and trash strewn […]

The new owners of Phoenix are hoping to bring in some big name talent to the table as they plan a turnaround

Phoenix will not be the only NHL franchise to make a big splash in the Phoenix area this summer.A group of investors from The New York Yankees and The Cleveland Cavaliers are also looking to bring some major talent to […]

How to stop CO2 from entering your home, and how to avoid a carbon monoxide leak

PHOENIX — The new air conditioning is coming.But how do you make sure you’re not trapping carbon monochrome in your home and polluting the air?The CO2-trapping devices you buy in the air conditioning aisle aren’t the most effective way to […]

How to keep yourself safe when dealing with Phoenix and Coldon (ABC15)

Posted September 27, 2018 08:05:59Phoenix and Coldontown are two of the city’s hottest hot spots, but it could be getting hotter, too.Phoenix has been hit hard by the heat wave, with temperatures at the city-owned facilities reaching the high 60s.The […]