When a Phoenix Protest Will Shut Down Airbnb’s Phoenix Hotel, It Will Take Down All the Hotels

Phoenix, Arizona—For most of the last several weeks, Airbnb has been the hot topic in the Phoenix area.The company is facing a lawsuit over a policy of refusing to rent apartments to people from a certain state.Airbnb is accused of […]

Phoenix map: new city with a low population and few jobs will be one of the world’s fastest growing cities

Phoenix, Arizona, has been named the world ‘fastest growing city’ by Next Big Futures, with a population of more than 17 million and a population density of around 9,000 people per square kilometer.Next Big Future, a market research firm, said […]

How to buy an apartment in Phoenix, Arizona, and find a way to pay off your debts

Phoenix, Ariz.– You’ve seen it all.The old, worn-out apartment building that used to house a hospital.The parking lot where you can park in the dark, without getting too close to the sun.The broken windows.The cracked ceiling.The potholes and trash strewn […]

When it comes to a Phoenix water bill: What’s the difference?

Now Playing: Trump: Trump’s Phoenix water bills will go to his personal account Now Playing, Trump, Pence to visit Arizona for Phoenix water summit Now Playing Trump to visit Phoenix water rescue workers Now Playing What to know about the […]