How Phoenix Police Shooting Could Be Scandalous for Arizona’s ‘Hugely Underrepresented’ Police Force

A Phoenix police shooting involving a Phoenix Police Department officer is potentially scandalous for the Phoenix Police department, according to a new Phoenix New Times article.

The newspaper has a piece detailing a story by Phoenix Police Chief Eddie Garcia that is being closely examined by the Phoenix city attorney.

According to Garcia, he is concerned that the Phoenix police department could be “tainted” by a political agenda.

“I am concerned that in some instances, there are some officers who are more than just loyal to the department,” Garcia said.

“We need to be careful about who’s in the room and who’s not.”

Garcia’s comments came as a report by the New Times indicates that the city attorney will likely review the Phoenix shooting to determine if the shooting was justified.

In the report, a former police officer, identified as Thomas Pritchard, is quoted saying he was asked to stop filming the Phoenix officers and then the shooting started.

Pritchards version of events is that he was ordered to stop recording the officers.

Puts the officers on the spot, he says, and “we all started running.”

According to the Phoenix New State, the officers involved in the shooting, Sgt. Daniel Hahn and Officer Christopher Davis, have been suspended.

Davis was placed on administrative leave.

The Phoenix New States report details the investigation into the shooting.

According the report: The Phoenix police officer who was shot during the protest was not wearing a body camera.

The officer, Daniel Haus, was in the back of a police cruiser at the time of the shooting but his body camera was not recording, according a Phoenix police report.

Haus and Davis were involved in a dispute with another officer on February 7, and Davis was shot in the chest.

Davis’ body camera recorded the encounter.

Davis told the officer he was shot at a location at which he believed the officers were firing.

The officers’ body cameras did not record the incident.

Davis said that after he and the officers began running, Haus fired at him, hitting him in the shoulder and chest.

Piotchard said that when the shooting began, Hahn was not with him when he was killed.

Pichard was also involved in two other protests last year in Phoenix, including a march on Phoenix City Hall in May.

Pivoting from the Phoenix protest to the shooting last week, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said that the shooting is “a disgrace.”

He also said that police officers must be protected.

“Our officers, we have to protect them, and I am deeply concerned about how this is being handled in this instance,” Stanton said.

Phoenix police were responding to a call from the National Guard after demonstrators called for more protection against the police in Phoenix.

The National Guard has been deployed to the city to help with the response.

According with the New States investigation, the shooting occurred when Pritcher, who was responding to the call, was approached by a man in a green hooded sweatshirt, who allegedly pointed a handgun at him and said, “I have a gun and I’m going to kill you.”

Pritches family said he had not been fired from the department, but that he has a criminal record and that he is an active member of a local chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.

In response to the NewTimes report, Phoenix police announced a series of events in the coming days, including the resignation of Sgt. Michael Pichiard.

In a statement, Phoenix Police said, Pritichards firing is being investigated as a “personal incident” and that the department has received the results of an internal investigation.

“The Phoenix Police Bureau is deeply concerned with the conduct of an individual in the Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona, area.

We are currently reviewing the circumstances surrounding this incident,” the statement said.

According in the NewStates report, the Phoenix City Attorney’s office will likely decide whether to file criminal charges against the officers, but will not determine whether the shooting would be investigated as an act of domestic violence.

The report did not address the possibility of a cover-up, saying, “The investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed at this time.”

The Phoenix Police chief has previously been accused of making derogatory remarks about the families of police officers killed by protesters.

In April 2016, Phoenix City Councilmember Steve Gallardo said that Gallardo had “no doubt” that Gallard would not resign if he was ever promoted to police chief.