How to get in to Hillstone Phoenix and see how the new dispensary’s concept compares to others

Phoenix, Arizona – You’ve probably never heard of Hillstone, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know it’s happening.

The new Phoenix dispensary that opened up last week is a joint venture between Phoenix dispensary Hillstone Phoenix and Denver dispensary Cannabix.

The company is known for its phytonutrient infused products and the Phoenix dispensary is known as the Phoenix of the West.

The new dispensary will be located on the same block as the former Hillstone location.

“We have a vision to be an innovation hub for the cannabis industry and we want to create the most authentic experience in Phoenix that can be enjoyed by all,” said Matt Tamburro, owner and founder of Hillmonday.

The Hillmornings are an award-winning cannabis company that opened in 2018 in Tempe, Arizona.

The Phoenix dispensary also has a dispensary in Scottsdale, Arizona that is a top-notch dispensary with a wide range of brands.

“The people who are coming in and having the greatest experience are the people that are going to come in to buy from Hillmoughnt,” Tamborro said.

The Denver dispensary is also a top dispensary with its phytomedicinal products and a number of other brands.

But the new Hillmighthood dispensary will have its own brand.

“It will be a brand that’s unique to us,” Tammorro explained.

The brand is a collaboration between Hillmood and Cannabex, the Denver company behind phytonuts.

The product is being created to appeal to the millennial demographic.

“When we see the people who have been here for years and have been to Hillmattown, they have been coming in for their first time, they are going in because they want something fresh, they want a fresh experience,” Tlambrio said.

“I think it’s a big shift for Phoenix, especially if you’re from Phoenix,” Tamba said.

Tamba and Tambarro were both born and raised in Phoenix.

They are looking forward to getting to see what the new shop will look like.

“This is just going to be a whole new experience for us,” said Tamba.

“We have all this great restaurants, bars, music venues, festivals, festivals that are happening, but it’s really cool to be able to go to these new places and have a place where you can come and hang out and relax and have great experiences.”

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