How to keep the water flowing, despite the drought


— In the desert, water can be scarce, and that can mean a good thing.

Here’s how to keep water flowing.

The Phoenix Golf Course was built to cater to golfers of all ages and abilities.

Its two-story, two-lane course, which opens to the public this year, features plenty of greens, fairways and greens that can accommodate up to a dozen players.

The golf course is not the only venue that serves as a temporary watering hole for thirsty Phoenix golfers.

The National Golf Club, one of the biggest private golf courses in the United States, also has a large outdoor watering hole that has become a hub for the golf community.

The NGC, along with the National Golf Association, is one of only four major golfing associations to have an outdoor wateringhole, according to The Golf Channel.

The golf course has also hosted numerous events over the years, from weddings to charity drives, with a variety of courses in and around Phoenix.

The outdoor watering holes at the Phoenix Golf Club have helped keep the golf course running smoothly, said Bill Pascone, director of operations and marketing at Phoenix Golf.

“You can really see the impact it has on the community,” Pascall said.

“There’s so much going on in this city.

I feel like we’re living in an environment where people are really embracing the outdoors, especially with golf, and people are using it as an alternative to cars and the city as a whole.”

For many Phoenix golf courses and the NGC outdoor watering spots, that means watering the course during the hot summer months.

A number of golf courses across the country, including Augusta National Golf Links in Augusta, Ga., and Augusta National Club in South Carolina, have also opened their outdoor watering areas to the general public in recent years.

There are plenty of outdoor watering options available in Phoenix, and some golf courses are offering special deals.

Pascall is hoping that the Phoenix golf course can help attract golfers who have grown tired of driving around in their cars.

“The golf courses here are really popular for us to do our events,” Piscall said, adding that there is more demand than ever for the course.

“We’re getting more people coming in.

It’s kind of a hot summer and you don’t want to go out too often.

We have to keep them coming back.”

This year, the Phoenix course has been a focal point for Phoenix’s burgeoning outdoor watering scene.

In addition to being an active golf course, the golf club hosts events and events for the community.

One such event that takes place every other week is the Phoenix Open.

In conjunction with Phoenix Golf, the Open includes a wide variety of golf related activities including tournaments, a large par-three championship, a round of golf, two events on the green and more.

This year, Pascany said, there was more interest in the Phoenix open than ever before.

When it comes to the outdoor watering spot at the PGA Phoenix Open, Phoenix Golf has its eye on the future.

Pascannia hopes that by getting the community involved, the PGC will become an event that golfers from all over the country can attend.

For now, Piscannia is focused on helping the Phoenix courses keep the courses running smoothly and maintain a sustainable water supply for the residents of Phoenix.

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