How to keep yourself safe when dealing with Phoenix and Coldon (ABC15)

Posted September 27, 2018 08:05:59Phoenix and Coldontown are two of the city’s hottest hot spots, but it could be getting hotter, too.

Phoenix has been hit hard by the heat wave, with temperatures at the city-owned facilities reaching the high 60s.

The hot weather is being blamed for the deaths of two people, including a 16-year-old boy.

Phoenix is now bracing for more severe weather, including the possibility of a dangerous thunderstorm.

This is why Phoenix Public Safety is warning people to stay away from Phoenix at this time.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton told ABC15 he is prepared for the storm.

“We’re going to be prepared, and I’m just ready to go to work,” Stanton said.

Phoenix Public Safety tells ABC15 it is expecting more severe thunderstorms, with more than 30 to 40 mph winds.

“It will be a dangerous time for the public and residents, and for our emergency management, we are prepared for any and all impacts of a large-scale weather system,” said Phoenix Public Security Chief Mike Wieland.

The storm could dump as much as 30 to 60 inches of rain, which is forecast to be heaviest in parts of the area.

Phoenix Police are urging residents to stay off roads and drive in the city, but they also urge anyone who is concerned to call 911.

“If you see anything out of the ordinary, call 911 immediately.

There are people in our community who need to get to work or school safely,” Stanton told local media.

The Phoenix Police Department and fire department have both been urging people to leave their homes.

“At this time, we do not anticipate that there will be any major damage or injuries to Phoenix residents,” a statement from the Phoenix Police department said.

“Our goal is to have all residents and visitors safe and out of harm’s way.”

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