How to tell if Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II is the true movie

Theaters across the US are holding screenings of the second movie in the Harry Potter franchise, the seventh installment in the popular series.

But those screenings will be held in the shadows of the Harry-centric event that is Harry Potter: The Movie, a screening that takes place in the heart of the nation’s capital.

In recent years, the nation has witnessed a steady stream of big box-office and critical hits that have been overshadowed by an ongoing war in Syria, a deadly pandemic and the continuing threat of nuclear weapons.

While the first Harry Potter film, released in 2007, became a global phenomenon, the second film is the least-watched movie of the series, raking in $27 million domestically and $50 million overseas.

The third film, which came out in 2015, was a modest $8.8 million at the box office, though it did make an impressive $170 million worldwide.

The fourth film, based on the book series, is scheduled to be released on July 23.

The fifth and sixth films are scheduled to release in November.

In an email to The Associated Press, Warner Bros. said that while screenings will take place in theaters across the country, the studio “remains focused on the film itself and will not be participating in special events in order to accommodate the event.”

We are also working with partners and exhibitors to ensure that the public will have the best possible experience as they experience the film and share their thoughts on it,” Warner Bros., a division of Time Warner Inc., said.

The company also added that Warner Bros.’ theatrical distribution partners will be notified of the screening dates in a future press release.