How to Watch WWE Raw for Free on Apple TV 4, Roku, Android TV, Roku Player, Apple TV Stick, and Google Chromecast (with the exception of the above)

If you’ve already watched WWE Raw, you may have noticed that you don’t get to see any matches, commentary, or clips that you missed.

However, there’s still a way to watch it on any platform that’s running WWE’s latest version of WWE Network.

With the latest WWE Network update, you can watch the show and the matches live.

In order to do this, you’ll need a WWE Pass subscription.

There are a number of different WWE Pass options, and here’s how you can stream them all.

WWE Network’s subscription pricing and features vary from one WWE Pass to the next.

If you want to learn more about how to get the most out of WWE’s newest version of the streaming service, check out this quick guide. 

Step 1: Sign up for a WWE Network subscription.

You can sign up for WWE Pass for free with a credit card or credit card and shipping included in the process. 

Now, you need to sign up to your account to watch Raw on any device. 

To do this on your Apple TV, Android or Roku, follow the steps below. 

Once you’ve signed up for your subscription, you should see the message “Sign Up for WWE Network now.” 

If you’re on a mobile device, go to your Account Settings and select Sign Up for Live TV on My TV, and then click on Sign Up Now. 

When you’ve clicked on Sign In, you’re presented with a screen that asks you to verify your email address.

You’re now presented with the option to sign in with your WWE Pass or a credit or debit card, and it will ask you to confirm the billing address. 

Clicking on the billing option will take you to the Sign Up page. 

Enter the billing number for your account, and click on Continue. 

On the next screen, click on Next. 

You’ll be asked to select a time frame to watch the match on. 

Select the date and time you’d like to watch live. 

Your browser will now redirect you to

You’ll then be redirected to a page that asks for your WWE pass password.

Enter the password that you’re currently using to sign into your account. 

Then, your browser will redirect you back to WWE for the first time, and you’ll be presented with an option to subscribe to the WWE Network service. 

Scroll down the page and click Subscribe. 

At this point, you won’t see any information on the home page or any other WWE app, so be patient. 


You now have access to WWE Network and WWE Live! 

If WWE Network isn’t working for you, try signing up for another WWE Pass, or use WWE Pass in another way. 

WWE Network is available to subscribers who have an Apple TV or Roku device.

You don’t need to have one of these devices to watch WWE Network live.

You can check your availability for WWE Pay with the WWE Pay app, which can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

If there’s any additional information you need, like whether you can receive WWE Pay payments, check the WWE app for updates.