Phoenix aquarium announces expansion to Harvey’s storm damage

Phoenix, AZ—September 11, 2018—Phoenix Aquarium is announcing the addition of a new reef in its Hurricane Harbor Aquarium.

The aquarium was among the first in the world to expand the Reef Reef in Hurricane Harbor, and is now offering its facilities to other facilities in the city and surrounding area.

“Our goal is to create an environment where people can experience the world’s best reef and take their marine experience to the next level,” said Jason Pritchard, Phoenix Aquarium President and CEO.

“The Reef is a key part of the Aquarium’s approach to creating a welcoming, inclusive environment that encourages visitors to explore, interact, and connect.”

The reef, located in the middle of the harbor, features coral, sand and coral rock formations.

It is part of a larger reef called the Aquatic Park, and features a large aquarium, a tropical reef garden, a reef exhibit, and a full-size reef-top lagoon.

“The Reef has always been a part of Phoenix’s marine life, but it has never been as vibrant as it is today,” said Pritchel.

“We are excited to have this reef to share with others, and we look forward to working with them to help make this amazing place even more unique.”

To learn more about Phoenix Aquaria, visit or call (602) 879-4820.