Phoenix High School loses new principal

Phoenix High school officials announced the firing of a new principal Wednesday after a monthlong investigation that revealed numerous misconduct allegations against the former principal.

Principal Jason A. Houser, 47, will resign effective immediately.

Phoenix police said the investigation was completed last month and no charges have been filed.

The school system’s board of trustees is expected to approve the resignation of interim principal Susan W. Davis on Thursday, the school system said.

Houser resigned in February, citing a “significant amount of misconduct” and said he would not be able to continue as principal.

Davis resigned from her position as Phoenix school superintendent on April 14, saying she was concerned about the conduct of Housers former employees, but she had no information that could prove it.

The Phoenix News reports that the former superintendent has denied any wrongdoing.HOUSER’S STATEMENT Phoenix school officials say they fired Housera last month after a review of his conduct.

Phoenix Public Schools Superintendent Michael Kugeler told the Phoenix News on Wednesday that the school district had no further comment on Housermans resignation.

Phoenix Police Chief David R. Smith said Houserman was under investigation for allegedly lying to police, which is a crime in Arizona.

The investigation was launched by the Phoenix Police Department’s Phoenix Major Crimes Task Force and included an examination of Houders financial records.

The task force determined Housher had not reported any suspicious payments to the IRS.

Houder had also failed to report more than $1,200 in unpaid child support payments to his wife.

Houders attorney, Michael Mancuso, told the Associated Press that Houshers behavior was “unacceptable” and that he was “deeply disappointed in the Board of Trustees for the manner in which they handled the situation.”

He also called the investigation “a distraction from the serious issues facing the Phoenix school district, which includes a significant amount of ongoing internal investigations.”

Phoenix school officials also have fired several of HOUSERS current and former employees.

They include the former director of marketing and sales, and the former president of marketing.

HOUSERS former assistant director of financial management resigned.

A former employee of his who has been suspended since March 2015 was fired in March, the AP reported.

The AP also reported that a former employee was fired because of sexual harassment allegations.HOOD ISLAND, S.C. — Police arrested a man Thursday in connection with the deaths of two people who died at a South Carolina high school in January, authorities said.

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