Phoenix police officers are facing backlash for shooting and killing a man who they claim opened fire on them as they searched for drugs in a drug-infested neighborhood

Phoenix, AZ — The Phoenix Police Department has been criticized for not acting more quickly to contain the threat posed by a deadly shooting on July 8 by an off-duty officer.

The officer who shot and killed 38-year-old Sergio Sanchez-Sanchez has been placed on administrative leave.

Police have said Sanchez-Segovas hands were up as he fired at the officers.

“He was reaching for a gun, so it was not a gunfight, it was a confrontation, so the police department needs to do a better job of responding to that,” said attorney Eric Harn, who represented Sanchez-Selvagas family.

According to a Phoenix police report, Sanchez- Segovas and his girlfriend had been walking in the neighborhood of Westside Avenue and Westland Drive, which is known as the “Glorious Westside.”

Sanchez-Segois girlfriend told police that she and her boyfriend were in the street when he opened fire.

Sgt. Kevin Davis, a department spokesperson, said the officer is still investigating what happened that night.

Davis added that the department has “been in contact with the family and is continuing to gather information.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.