Phoenix’s new restaurant opens with $20 bill on the menu

Phoenix’s newly opened Phoebe’s on Third Street is the latest in a string of high-end eateries that cater to a new breed of clientele, as the city struggles with a massive construction boom and skyrocketing rents.

Phoenix’s newest restaurant is a little bit of everything, with a few quirky touches including a $20 menu that will include a selection of local dishes and a wine list.

Phoebe, which opened earlier this year, is a place that focuses on local ingredients and local-style dining, but is also a bit of a hub for the city’s food scene.

Owner Phoebee Bauley says her restaurant has a unique approach to serving people who want to try something different.

“It’s like you can get something that’s not necessarily a typical dish, but it’s a bit different,” she said.

Her restaurant, which is currently in the process of opening its second location, will offer a small menu, but will also include a wine selection.

The menu will include several local favourites like smoked chicken, chicken and ribs, and roasted lamb, which she hopes will bring a new flavour to the table.

“There’s a lot of local flavours and different things you might find in the area,” Ms Bauly said.

“We’re not trying to make a statement, but we’re trying to give something that we’re passionate about to the city and we’re hoping that we can make some kind of impact.”

The menu at Phoebs will be open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday.

We’re also trying to bring a bit more of our own flavour to this menu.

She said the menu will feature locally sourced and organic ingredients.

Ms Bauleys husband Mark has been a successful restaurateur in Phoenix, having been a part of the business side of his business, The Little Kitchen.

Mr Baules wife, Trish, is an experienced chef, but also has a degree in nutrition.

In addition to their menu, the restaurant will also offer some local craft beers.

Both Phoebes are seeking private clients, but Ms Baeley says it’s hard to gauge how many of them might show up.

It depends on how busy the restaurant is, how much interest they have in coming in and they want to do it on a Friday night,” she explained.”

The other thing is it depends on what they want and how much they want the menu.

They want to order something different.

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