How to Watch WWE Raw for Free on Apple TV 4, Roku, Android TV, Roku Player, Apple TV Stick, and Google Chromecast (with the exception of the above)

If you’ve already watched WWE Raw, you may have noticed that you don’t get to see any matches, commentary, or clips that you missed.However, there’s still a way to watch it on any platform that’s running WWE’s latest version of […]

Why Phoenix Police were caught on camera firing tear gas and pepper spray at crowd during riot

Phoenix, Arizona — Phoenix Police officers were caught in a video of them using tear gas, pepper spray and pepper balls to disperse protesters who were throwing rocks at them and chanting racial slurs, the city’s mayor said Thursday.The video, […]

Phoenix to Sedona: Emissions testing company will set up shop in Phoenix

Phoenix Energy will invest $5 million in a facility in Sedona, Arizona, to develop an emissions testing lab that will test for and detect pollutants.The company, owned by Phoenix Capital Group, has already tested its equipment at two sites in […]