How to Watch WWE Raw for Free on Apple TV 4, Roku, Android TV, Roku Player, Apple TV Stick, and Google Chromecast (with the exception of the above)

If you’ve already watched WWE Raw, you may have noticed that you don’t get to see any matches, commentary, or clips that you missed.However, there’s still a way to watch it on any platform that’s running WWE’s latest version of […]

How to stop CO2 from entering your home, and how to avoid a carbon monoxide leak

PHOENIX — The new air conditioning is coming.But how do you make sure you’re not trapping carbon monochrome in your home and polluting the air?The CO2-trapping devices you buy in the air conditioning aisle aren’t the most effective way to […]

Phoenix Theatre: A Comedian Looks Back at 2016’s Comedian of the Year

Phoenix Theatre is hosting a doublelist comedy night this weekend.The two acts are called Phoenix, by a veteran Phoenix, and Phoenix, By a Young Comedian.They’ll headline the show at The Phoenix in Phoenix.This will be the first time the Phoenix […]