The new owners of Phoenix are hoping to bring in some big name talent to the table as they plan a turnaround

Phoenix will not be the only NHL franchise to make a big splash in the Phoenix area this summer.

A group of investors from The New York Yankees and The Cleveland Cavaliers are also looking to bring some major talent to Arizona to fill out their new arena.

The new owners have been working to renovate the arena in the city’s west side.

They want to add new food and beverage options and have a new sports bar, the American Dream, that will be open to fans of all ages.

The New York-based owners, who own a majority stake in the franchise, also are looking to add a new arena for a pro hockey franchise.

The city already has a basketball arena.

The NBA is expected to have a team in the area soon.

The team’s name, The Phoenix Coyotes, is a reference to a Native American tribe in Arizona.

The team has been in the American Hockey League since 2008, when they played at the Phoenix Fairgrounds.