What do you know about the Phoenix map?

Phoenix map (Photo: Getty Images)What you need to know:Phoenix Map is a popular online map created by the Phoenix University, the University of Adelaide and the Australian Institute of Water and Waste Management.

It shows the current and projected locations of a number of water, sewer and sewerage projects around Australia.

The map uses the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Water Use Map to provide the most up-to-date information about water and sewer infrastructure in Australia.

There are three different levels of the map, depending on the project.

There is a “current” level that shows current water consumption in Australian towns and cities.

This shows the average water use for the last 10 years.

There is a second level that includes projects that are currently under construction or being built.

A third level shows the “project” level.

Projects are “under construction” at this stage and have not been completed.

In the past, Phoenix Map has shown how much water and sewage use is being made in a given location and the amount of pollution that is coming from that.

This has helped communities understand how much infrastructure needs to be upgraded to meet water and wastewater needs.

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