What you need to know about Phoenix Coyotes (and the NHL)

The Arizona Coyotes are the second team in the NHL to announce a new uniform design in recent memory, after the Philadelphia Flyers did so in October 2016.

They’ve also announced a new jersey and shorts design, as well as the addition of an “un-logo” option.

But what exactly is the Coyotes new look?

Let’s dive in.

New uniforms are pretty much a new idea, as it was the first time the team has ever gone all-white and new uniforms have traditionally been the standard for every NHL team.

That being said, there are a few new trends coming to the game this season, and the Coyotes have one of them.

The team has introduced an un-logos option to its uniforms, which is similar to the one they’ve had since the start of the season.

So far, the new look is limited to the white jerseys, but there are plans to expand the use of the un-Logo option.

While the new uniforms haven’t been officially announced, they are set to become official in February, meaning the team will be able to start using them at the beginning of March.

The team is also making some big changes to its training camp, which has traditionally been held in Tempe, Arizona.

The first thing the team announced in March was that the Coyotes would be going to Las Vegas for the first training camp in the state, and it looks like the new uniform is the one the Coyotes will be using there.

The only major change will be the inclusion of the “S” logo on the chest of the jersey.

The Coyotes are also expected to start the season with a number of new players, including winger Dylan Strome, and defenceman Tyson Jost, both of whom are expected to play major roles in the team’s playoff push.