When a Craigslist job posting goes viral, it’s all the rage

Phoenix, Ariz.

— It’s the summer of 2019 and Craigslist has just posted a job posting for a job as a server at the Phoenix airport.

But the job posting is a bit more mundane than advertised.

The job posting says the server would work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The salary is $13 an hour.

But it’s the number of hours that the company says the employee would work, not the salary, that’s what is most intriguing about the job.

The company says it would pay the employee for a period of five days at the airport before having to pay him or her for a day’s work.

“We’ve created an opportunity to meet and network with people of all different backgrounds,” the job listing says.

“You won’t find an airport server who will not be excited about being a part of our community.”

A few days after posting the job, the Phoenix police department tweeted a picture of a photo of a person they think may be a potential suspect.

They say the photo was taken in the parking lot of the airport’s airport shuttle, and they are asking anyone who has seen it to call them with any information about the person.

When a few people called the Phoenix Police Department, they found out the person in the photo is an employee at the Airport Services Center, a hotel-and-casino-like service where the airport shuttle is located.

They say the employee has a badge and is a customer service agent.

The airport has not responded to requests for comment from CBS News.

A few weeks ago, the airport was put on a state of emergency by the governor.

It was declared a national emergency by President Donald Trump in January.