When it comes to the top 10 favourite songs of 2018, Echris Phoenix tops the list

This year, ECHris Phoenix is in the top ten favourites of 2018.

Echris’ debut single “Happiness” is the top-selling single in the UK and the US, with “I Want You” topping the UK charts.

The next-closest song to “Honey”, the hit from Echrim’s debut album, is “I’m a Winner”.

The track from the group’s next album, Love is a Lie, was also featured in the best new artists list, with the song coming in at number five.

Echrim has previously enjoyed success with his single “Love is a Liar” and “The Man”, both of which have hit the UK singles chart.

The band also made the list for the first time with their second album, the follow-up to their hit album Love is A Lie.

The album is out now.

More to come.