When Phoenix tattooed her face, she never thought about it becoming a trend

When Phua­nxi tattooed herself, she did not even think about it being a trend.

In her first year at the University of Southern California, Phoenix said she was just a normal kid who enjoyed studying and excelling in her classes.

She was already a part of the community and wanted to pursue a career in the sciences and wanted a new tattoo.

When she got her first tattoo, it was an iconic red tattoo that had an X on it, and it had an “X” on the front of it.

“I was so shocked.

I thought, ‘That’s crazy.

Why did you do that?'”

Phoenix said.

She said it was the first time she had ever seen her face in such a way.

She says she never considered it being the same.

“That was something I never imagined myself doing, to have my face in a way that’s so different,” she said.

Phoenix got her own tattoo in 2011, after she and her husband, Robert, got married.

She says they didn’t even consider it a trend at first.

“It just seemed kind of a cool thing to do, to be able to have the first tattoo that I had, it just seemed cool,” she explained.

After she received the tattoo, she had to wear it for a while to take a breath.

“The tattoo is the most important thing, and that’s why I got it, because I wanted to feel confident and have a smile on my face,” she added.

Phua­niX says she still thinks about the tattoo every day, but now, she’s not worried about it.

She said she has had so many tattoos that she has been thinking about her tattoo, but she has never really thought about having it become a trend.

“I just do it to be happy and happy to be a part to my community,” she noted.

Phoenix hopes to be doing the same for as many people as she can.