When you rent a room online: What you need to know about phoenix area codes

The Phoenix area code, as it’s commonly known, covers the city of Phoenix and the surrounding suburbs, with the biggest cities such as Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Glendale being included.

There are also a number of smaller cities, including Tempe and Chandler, which are also included.

The region covers an area of 823 square miles (1,569 square kilometres), covering more than 80 per cent of the state and about half of the country.

It’s the fifth-largest city in the United States, and the third-largest in the world.

Phoenix has an annual population of about 3.7 million, making it the most populous city in Arizona, according to census data.

The area code is one of several different codes used to identify housing in Arizona.

There is also the Arizona Housing Authority code, which is used for the region.

It covers Phoenix’s southern part, including parts of Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, and Pima.

The Phoenix area codes were first established in 1954 and are used by housing authorities and the property owners.

The area codes are part of the Arizona Public Records Act, which allows the public to view the public records of other states, counties, cities, and towns.