Why I bought an iPhone 5C with Apple logo and not a Samsung Galaxy S4

By David A. Fahrenthold,The Washington PostThe iPhone 5S is a big phone.

A lot of people use it.

I used to like it.

A year ago, though, I bought the iPhone 5.

I’m not an Apple fan, of course.

But I’m glad I did, because the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 6S have a lot of things in common, and a lot in common with the iPhone.

Apple’s hardware has gotten a lot better, the software has gotten better, and the apps have gotten better.

So, yeah, the iPhone is a pretty cool phone.

But the iPhone doesn’t have everything I’m talking about.

I like the iPhone, but I’m also a fan of Android, too.

I’ve had the iPhone since the day it was released.

I don’t even own an Android phone.

But the iPhone can be a nice phone for a while.

You could say that’s a good thing.

If I bought a phone, I could buy a phone that had the things I want.

But if I buy a smartphone, I can buy a really good phone that has the things that I want and doesn’t require a $500 credit card.

And now, there are lots of ways to buy a great phone.

You could buy it in a store and pay $100 for a phone with a $100 discount, or you could get it online.

If you want a premium phone, you can get it at a great price, or at a really great price.

You can also get a phone in one of three colors: red, yellow, or blue.

You can buy the phone for $1,500, but it’ll last you about a year.

It’s also worth $300.

If the phone is brand new, the price is $750.

If you’re a buyer, you’ll be able to shop around.

The best way to get the phone that you want is to go to the Apple store, then to the Best Buy, and then to Amazon, where the iPhone and other high-end phones are sold.

You’ll find phones in many colors, and they’ll be cheap.

But you’ll also be able find phones that are not as good, or are much less powerful, or not as fast.

If, like me, you buy a premium smartphone, you might want to buy an iPhone with a bigger screen.

That means the iPhone’s software is better, but the battery life is not as great, or the camera is not great, the camera can’t shoot as much, and there’s less battery life.

But you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Apple has also improved the software of the iPhone over the years.

The iPhone 3GS was one of the first iPhones to be updated with a new camera, and Apple has added a few new features to make it easier to use the phone.

It also has a lot more built-in apps and apps you can install on your phone.

If that’s all you’re after, you won’t have to spend a lot.

But even if you’re not interested in the iPhone as a phone for everyday use, you’re better off than before.

There are a lot other reasons to buy the iPhone than you might think.

If your budget is $1.5 million or more, you don’t need to buy all the new iPhones.

If it’s $1 million or less, you probably don’t have the money to spend.

If $100 isn’t enough to get a good phone, $1 is a lot less than $1 a year ago.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

For those of you who are buying iPhones now, it’s time to think about the phone as a home for the next generation.

Apple is still in a phase of building up its brand, but there are still plenty of products in its lineup that could make you more happy and secure with your iPhone.

Here are 10 of my favorite phones in the $1 billion range:iPhone 5S iPhone 6s iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6PiPhone 6S PlusiPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 8 PlusiPhone XSiPhone X PlusiPhone 5siPhone 5CiPhone 5PlusiPhone 5XiPhone 5: Apple’s most popular iPhoneThe iPhone 6 is Apple’s best-selling phone, and it’s worth more than $100.

If Apple were to release a replacement, it would be worth a lot, but you’re probably better off buying the phone in its original form, which has the same battery life and features as the original.iPhone 6 Plus: iPhone 6Plus The iPhone 6 has a much better camera, too, and many more apps that work on the iPhone or iPad.iPhone 7: iPhone 7 Apple’s biggest iPhone The iPhone 7 is a $300 phone that offers all the features that Apple is known for with the iPad and the new iPhone.iPhone X