Why Phoenix Airport is on fire

Phoenix, Ariz.

— Phoenix Airport’s fire chief says his department has no control over a new type of wildfire that has devastated a neighborhood near the airport.

Phoenix Fire Chief Mike Ritter told The Wall St. Journal that his department had no control of the fire that burned through the town of Mesa, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) northwest of Phoenix, early Tuesday morning.

The fire has destroyed about 400 homes and left some residents without power.

It also has forced hundreds of people to leave their homes because of the heat and has forced the closure of some schools.

Ritter said his department is trying to control the fire through air quality monitoring.

“The fire is out, but we have no control,” Ritter said.

He said that he has asked his department to send out air quality monitors, but the air quality has been out for more than a day.

More than two dozen firefighters have been battling the blaze, which is burning under control but has not been contained.

Several hundred residents of Mesa have been evacuated.